Happy New Year!

Spring Into the New Year

Happy New Year!

No, I haven’t been sleeping under a rock for the past three months. I’m talking about a different New Year. One that’s different from what most people know and celebrate.

I’m talking about the Biblical New Year. According to the Scriptures, the first month of the year is in the Spring (Exodus 12:2, Deut. 16:1).

It seems appropriate as everything begins anew in the Spring (not so much in the middle of winter!).

It’s not surprising then that the Spring is also the season of freedom and transformation.

Just two weeks after the new year is Passover, the remembrance of how the Almighty set the Hebrews free from slavery in Egypt. After they were freed, they spent the next seven weeks completely transforming themselves mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

In just seven weeks, they were completely new people, and their lives were drastically changed. You can say their whole world was new.

Or as I like to say, “recreated!”

Tap Into the Flow

This is the time and the season to tap into that spiritual energy, the Heavenly flow. At this season, the gates and the channels are open. The Almighty sends us help from Heaven, special assistance specifically for setting free and nurturing change.

It’s up to us to accept this special help from Heaven. If we access the flow and utilize this time as set by the Creator, we too will see a drastic difference in our lives.

March 17, 2018 is the New Year.

Start thinking about what you want the coming year to look like. Review the past year – it’s ups and downs, highs and lows. What do you want to be different? What will it take?

Buy The Creation Journal. It will guide you through the seven-week transformation process. It will help you to make the mental, spiritual, and emotional changes that are necessary to make real progress in your life.

If you use this Journal to tap into the Heavenly flow of freedom and change at this season, you’re guaranteed to have the clear mindset you need to go forth and begin the process of recreating your world.

Don’t muddle through another year. Get clear, and make a change.

Happy New Year!